Multichannel attribution analytics solution

Discover our multichannel attribution analytics solution and improve your ROI by over 20% on your marketing investment

  • Comprehensive Big Data technology with an easy to use, ergonomic and highly customizable UI.
  • Unbiased algorithmic attribution model that supports cross device and post view tracking.
  • Designed for a quick and easy set-up with minimal ongoing reliance on your IT teams.
  • Competitive technology pricing based on your monthly data usage.
  • Flexible levels of support that suits each client’s requirements from our expert team of data analysts.
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The best solution for multichannel attribution

Maximize your ROI and your multichannel strategy through our algorithmic attribution solution and the expertise of our Data Analysts

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Our 100% unbiased algorithms aim is to calculate the profitability of your channels, campaigns, partners and keywords

From the analysis of your marketing data, our algorithm computes the exact contribution of each of the touch points in the decision making process of your customers and prospects. Finally, you can control your media mix based on its actual performance at the finest granularity.


All your marketing performance indicators in a stylish ergonomic interface

Intuitive dashboards for use by both marketing employees, data analysts and c-level management. Our reporting interface is fully customizable to each customers needs. It allows you to view and understand all of your performance indicators and evolution at a glance.

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Algorithme d’attribution


Flexible support to meet the needs of any organization including operational recommendations to help you optimize your investment.

Our team of expert data analysts are available to accompany you during all stages from set-up, training, technical support to undertaking ongoing analysis of your big data based on your business goals. We can work to a SaaS based model, full consulting support or a hybrid model. We have offices in 9 countries if we need to service global organizations.

Multichannel attribution, be a click away from your real marketing performance

Understand your campaign mix, user journey, optimize your marketing spend and achieve your business goals

Pilotage mix media

Save time and productivity with our intelligent dashboards that synthesize the story of your media mix. The platform automatically selects the data and displays the most relevant information in intelligent analysis dashboards

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Allocate your marketing budget by relying on the real profitability of your campaigns and marketing channels, both online and offline, through the application of our algorithm and investment recommendations of our experts.

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Optimisation des investissements médias
Mise en place rapide et facile

Our tracking is a unique tag to be installed once on all pages of your site and is compatible with Tag Management tools. It can then be configured and modified directly from the UI of the platform to avoid ongoing reliance and waiting times from your technical teams.

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Increase your ROI!

For the same investment our customers have been able to gain an average 20% increase of ROI

OUR APPROACH : Measure, analyse, optimise

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Through sustained investments in R&D, our multichannel platform is constantly evolving to offer the most advanced features

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